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Poker Quest is a challenging fantasy roguelike where you make use of a standard deck of playing cards - Ace, King, Queen, and so on. You use the cards to empower your items in combat. Better hands often trigger stronger abilities on your items.

Discover hundreds of different items and monsters and experience all kinds of encounters with the inhabitants of a high-fantasy landscape.

Play one of many heroes. Each hero comes with a unique set of equipment and abilities, to encourage many different play styles.

  • True permanent-death roguelike. The only goal is victory, and it is not easy.
  • No grinding permanent upgrades to win. The only meta-progress is unlocking new heroes.
  • Castles. Knights. Wizards. Dragons.
  • Long runs (4+ hours if you get far enough to win).
  • More than 10 unique heroes, and many more to come.
  • Daily Runs with public stats and other interesting details.
  • Challenge Runs with difficult modifiers.
  • Mini-games. Casinos!
  • Hundreds of unique items.
  • Hundreds of unique monsters.
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