Thomas Wolfley (Fragsworth)
Co-founder, CEO

Reddit: Fragsworth

Twitter: @Fragsworth

Fragsworth is CEO of Playsaurus. He grew up in the deserts of California, and eventually escaped to L.A. to make games. In 2011, he left his coding job at Meteor Games to found Playsaurus (with Doogog and Boxyheadbry). Fragsworth has been a critical part of the development of many titles, including Clicker Heroes.

Le Nguyen (Doogog)
Le grew up in Saigon. He moved to the United States in the early 90s. He now makes cool games with Playsaurus. He is not actually a cat.

Bryan Almeda (boxyheadbry)


After hatching the Playsaurus egg with Fragsworth and Le, Boxy continues to incubate other artsy things in random boba places. This is because the best art comes from eggs warmed by the window and fanned with milk tea, tucked snugly in a bed of warm boba. This is known. He is also secretly a highly evolved land octopus. \[ ^_^]/


Twitter: @Asminthe

Asminthe is pretty sure that making games is impossible and that we're all going to die. He likes game design, graphics programming, optimization, simulation, puzzles, motorsports, cats and most shades of magenta. He joined Playsaurus in 2015 and spends every waking hour trying to convince Fragsworth not to add a button that doubles your current gold.

Community Manager
McNiiby is the Community Manager at Playsaurus, you can usually find him on the Clicker Heroes Discord or Reddit. He enjoys playing videos games, watching way too many shows to keep track of, and taking pictures with his girlfriend's dog.




Mostly a potato, sometimes an artist. Unicorns. Poop.

Quality Assurance Engineer
Jacky is one of the Quality Assurance Engineers within Playsaurus. He was born in Hong Kong but moved to LA at a very young age. He enjoys playing video games and loves to talk about anime related subjects with a passion.


Guy with a girl's name

Programming games since '08

Oh look! A haiku

Timothy DeVos

Twitter: @knoxmakesgames

Games programmer, coffee guzzler, and writer of oak facts. Currently working on Clicker Heroes 2 and updates for Clicker Heroes.

Austin Oblouk


Austin is one of the Clicker Heroes 2 developers. He has tirelessly worked on the project since 2014.