Playsaurus Titles

Clicker Heroes Logo
Clicker Heroes

Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? Wonder no more! Embark on your quest to attain it today!

Clicker Heroes 2 Logo
Clicker Heroes 2

Clicker Heroes 2 is an endless incremental idle Action RPG. Embark on a never-ending journey to the top right of your screen.

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Poker Quest Logo
Poker Quest

Play the alpha version now for free! An original roguelike card game set in a vast world of castles, knights, wizards, and dragons.

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Mr. Mine Logo
Mr. Mine

Explore the depths of the earth and uncover hidden treasures in this addictive idle mining game.

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Fray Fight Logo
Fray Fight

Battle the evil hordes on your way to Valhalla. Annihilate thousands of monsters with overpowered attacks and upgrades.

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Cookie Clicker Logo
Cookie Clicker (Published)

An idle game about making cookies! Originally released in 2013 on the web, and actively developed since then. This is the official version for Steam.

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Grindcraft Logo

Grindcraft is a free Minecraft inspired idle clicker game! Grind out items, gather crops, mine resources and fight mobs in the original crafting clicker game. Build items and adventure to new regions. Become a clicker legend!


Playsaurus Logos & Branding

Playsaurus Logo
Playsaurus Logo

This download provides you with Playsaurus' brand and assets, to be used for promoting Playsaurus on your site and in your videos. Playsaurus logos and assets should not be changed or altered in any way.